I’m Dagmar,

Sex, love & relationship coach and trainer

For me the start of getting in touch with my body, my life energy and all it’s treasures was the birth of my first son now almost 15 years ago. I could feel the innate natural wisdom of my body, surrender to it and experience the power of mind/body connection for the first time.

The last decade I  have been studying and collaborating with the most amazing Tantra, Embodiment, and Coaching leaders and mentors. I’m deeply grateful for the transmissions and teachings I received from Layla Martin, Marya Norell, Hermine Schoneveld, Ronja Sebastian, Humita Lotus, Maria Fazzingo and all the other inspirational guides I met. Based on my own journey and the experience of working with hundreds of women and couples I created my unique and highly transformational signature JuicyLuscious Methodology.

I believe and experienced for myself that connecting deeply to your body and claiming your sexual energy as a beautiful gift of nature will get you the life you dream of filled with golden sparkles and an abundance of joy, fulfillment and pleasure.

 My Mission

“I support you to have a deep connection with your body and essence  so that you can fully blossom and truly live all the juiciness this life has to offer you. I belief that deeply knowing ourselves and exploring the magic of our creative life force sexual energy are the key to creating a loving society that honors our beautiful planet earth and respects all other beings.

As founder of the JuicyLuscious Coaching methodology

In tailor made sessions I support you to:

  • Heal your sexual shame, fears and trauma. Surrender and fully enjoy your sexual flow, alone or with a partner. Discover new ways to fully experience your sexuality and to keep on expanding in every phase of your life so you experience intense fulfillment.

  • Learn powerful tools for self-love, to thrive and to attract your dream partner or to transform your current relationship into a deeply intimate, turned on, loving and connected partnership.

  • Understand your relationship ‘blueprint’ and why you keep on creating the same kind of relations or why you have difficulty to be in an intimate relationship.

  • Heal the wounding of your heart that you carry from your upbringing (e.g. love sickness, loneliness, fear of commitment,…) and let your love energy flow freely.

Deeply transformational aspects of coaching sessions with me:

  • Desire-based coaching: we don’t spend all of our time together focusing on what’s wrong or what’s holding you back – instead, we use your vision of what you desire in your life. This propels you forward and motivates you to heal and integrate whatever keeps you from living your deepest desires in regards to sexuality, love and relationship.

  • Sexuality is part of the whole and can be embraced as a natural and beautiful energy and expression of all humans.

  • The body has an energy system and we work with energy to systematically liberate and awaken the natural state of flow within us.

  • We address the primal brain and the deep subconscious, which allows you to actually resolve the issues that keep you from having the sex, relationships, and love that you desire and deserve.

  • As many individuals have also experienced trauma in their lives, the methodology incorporates and integrates trauma principles that gently work with the living system in a slow, attentive, and loving way to bring overwhelmed or traumatized pieces into a space where they can be loved, held, and experienced from a centered space of safety.

  • Human beings thrive by regularly experiencing states of ecstasy, bliss, surrender, divine connection and wild freedom.

Program overview

Reclaim your Sexy Nature

In my Reclaim your Sexy Nature program, I take women from feeling numb and disconnected to feeling juicy, radiant and alive. I created this one-on-one coaching journey to help you awaken to your true pleasure & authenticity, your highest love, your greatest truth, to know and follow your intuition, and above all, to feel free, vibrant & sexy.

JuicyLuscious Goddess

all the tools you need as a women to fully step into your power and radiance. An in depth 1 year journey with me combining all the transformational qualities of the ‘Reclaim your Sexy Nature’ program with a full year of coaching and personal guidance in the realm of Sacred sexuality, Tantra and Taoist practices (Jade egg).

Live retreats in Belgium and internationally

Blossoming woman, Orgasmic woman, Divine woman & Women’s Delight to fully step into your power as a woman. In a safe and caring space surrounded by sisters you will start letting go of contractions and holdings that inhibit your natural life energy flow and body wisdom.

Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy

In the Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy, I empower you and your partner to move from disconnection and a mediocre sex life into having blissful, juicyluscious, sacred sex and the flourishing relationship you are both longing for.

JUICYLUsCIOUS LIVING with love and respect


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