Part 1: Blossoming Woman Retreat

September 26-29th, 2019

Next chance to join us: Fall 2020 in Southern Europe 

by Alexa Mira and Dagmar Cox

Dear Women 💖 ,

We are happy and honored to invite you to the 4-days Shakti retreat Level 1 🌺 Blossoming Woman 🌺 on September 26-29th, 2019.

In this 4 days Shakti Retreat we will…

✨ Nurture our softness. In a safe and caring space we will start letting go of contractions and holdings that inhibit our natural life energy flow and body wisdom. Power that comes with softness is like water that weaves its way in organic harmony with life. There is no push or pull, but allowance to be guided, to be taken while having clarity of our own impulse.

✨ Learn to create safety and boundaries for ourselves in any situation. Contraction is a result of us not feeling safe that may come from various limiting beliefs and habits of operating in life. We will create a framework for self-care and therefore inner flow, which will result in more authentic ways of relating with another.

✨ Allow our suppressed emotions to move as any emotion is simply Energy in Motion and energy is always in movement unless we lock it. Through breath and movement we will unlock any stuck energy to move again, opening up to insights and learnings that have been stored in every suppressed emotion.

✨ Re-connect with our sexuality and flow of love. Our sexuality is natural and when we are free from shame and guilt, we discover how innocent and sacred it actually always was and is. The flow of love is there naturally when we are born, and we will remember this flow in the Here & Now.

✨ Connect our Heart, Womb and Yoni. We feel most empowered and alive when the 3 centers are connected, as there is no openness in the womb and yoni unless there is openness in the heart.

✨ Balance Shiva & Shakti aspects and qualities in ourselves. Presence and Emptiness (Shiva) with Chaos & Movement (Shakti).

✨ Step out of daily Doing mode and allow ourselves to Be, effortlessly and freely, allowing the deeply resourceful state to nurture us and unlock our creativity.

And beyond anything else, we will spend great conscious quality time together with other sisters… dance, massage, meditate, rest and relax.

WHEN: 26-29 September 2019

WHERE: Château Cortils, Chemin de Cortils, 4670 Blégny, BELGIUM

RETREAT PRICE: 495 euro + 55 euro per night for accommodation (3 nights)
EARLY BIRD: 455 Euro valid before June 30th, 2019
(non-refundable deposit payment is 200 EUR)

Price includes:
– Accommodation in shared rooms (2/3/4 per room)
– Vegetarian food: lunch and dinner on Thursday – 3 meals on Friday and Saturday – Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
- The retreat will be given in English by Alexa Mira and Dagmar Cox

MORE INFO: Dagmar Cox,, 0496471068


Facebook event page:

A few words about us and why we do this work:

Alexa Mira
I am an international Tantra teacher, based in Belgium at the moment, founder of the Temple of Tantric Arts, breath and bodyworker, creator of a 1 year Tantra Program “Expanding into Love”. My passion lies in holding temple spaces for men and women to remember and reconnect to the natural life energy flow and therefore also to the inner wisdom, which most of us have been cut off from through upbringing, education and the modern way most of us live our life. The longing to remember ourselves lives in everyone and manifests as the inner intuition or “knowing” that there is more to life than the mundane reality. And there is indeed more…more to us, and therefore more to Life, than what we’ve been taught.
More about me you can find following this link:

About my calling to hold the space for this retreat:
In 2018 I spent 10 days in silence in Egypt with 15 other women and 4 male temple keepers. There, we conducted Tantric priestess ceremonies in the ancient temples of Isis, Karnak, Kom Combo, Osiris, Hathor, etc. All these temples along the Nile stand statically in this day and age merely as museums. In the very male driven society of Egypt, where everything is strictly controlled and regulated, and where you are not even allowed to stand in a circle and close your eyes to connect with yourself near or inside a temple, it was a great lesson and experience for us how we could infuse it with female energy and wisdom, how we could re-awaken the walls of these ancient temples and open up for their message. So, we rented temples for 2-3 hours each time (outside of official visit hours) just for ourselves, and we conducted rituals there to revive the Goddess, which stands for the Life Force and the inner wisdom in each of us. The male guards were standing there in fascination of the process that unfolded each time as we were singing, dancing, allowing the life energy to take us into surrender. The energy of the temples was very responsive to our openness and we could sense how the energies of these temples came into resonance with our worship of the Feminine.

It’s there, in the Isis Temple, that I got a vision to extend my work to Women only. Usually, I work with mixed gender groups, but the message I got as an inner resonance was to nurture the feminine in full trust and safety, facilitate its blossoming and unfolding, free from any concepts that start playing in us when men are around. So we can sink into our softness without any agenda, release contractions and holdings and re-awaken our life energy flow freely, step into our empowered Self and from there merge it with the masculine aspect inside and outside of us. In the end, neither Masculine nor Feminine are more important. They both are. It’s about balancing them inside of us in order to unlock the blossoming of our full potential.

Dagmar Cox
I live with my loving husband and our two sons and daughter in Belgium. I work as a feminine flow coach and massage therapist for women and I host women's circles and trainings on femininity and the magic of female sexuality. About 6 years ago I started diving deep into sacred sexuality, tantra and tao for women. Currently I'm studying to become a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach at the Tantric Institute for Sacred Sexuality with Layla Martin. You can read more on my education, training and experience on

For me the start of becoming fully embodied was the birth of my oldest son now over 13 years ago. I could feel the wisdom of my body, surrender to it and experience the power of mind/body connection for the first time. I dedicated the last decade to exploring the wisdom of my body and to creating a safe space for other women to do so.

My passion is to guide women into discovering and exploring their natural flow and life force. I use movement, dance, meditation, creativity, massage, breath practices, nature, ritual and all that is in service of the feminine. I support you to restore a deep contact with your body so you can blossom from your own essence and live a life full of joy and passion.

Testimonials from participants:

“The retreat was revealing for me. I felt completely safe. The warmth, support, love has made me a more blossoming woman. I’m filled with energy. I was able to get in touch with my emotions and the power to surrender and receive. I feel joy, warmth and lot’s of gratitude.” - Ilse, Tongeren

“It was a beautiful, gentle weekend of discovery, connection, warmth and sisterhood. A sacred, safe space was created and maintained, allowing me to explore myself, release old hurts and heal old trauma. Beautiful experience.” - Courtney, Hasselt

“I am very grateful for this experience. I leave full of love and confidence. It’s the first time I feel such a strong connection to other women. I felt the beginning of my pleasure potential. Eager to continue discovering and deepen the connection to myself and universal energy.” - Tatiana, Brussels

“Ik ben dankbaar voor de ongedwongenheid, de oordeelloosheid, de ruimte en de ondersteuning die deze dagen zo mooi en intens hebben gemaakt. Uitdagende oefeningen, maar zo doorleefd, veilig en spot on. Ik heb gelachen, gegild, gejuicht, ik voel zoveel vreugde in mijn hele lijf! Ecstatisch. Wat een paar dagen onder vrouwenenergie doen! Heerlijk!” - Karolien, Borgloon

"This weekend opened up an ocean of emotions, energies, thoughts, movements, an ocean of high waves, crashing waves, endless depth, silence and screaming winds. I was not always sure I could swim trough it, but when I had doubts, there was something coming up, magically appearing, that helped me find my way through. The hand of another woman, spiritual guidance, energy from our community, a look, a smile, a hug. This ocean is huge, endless and continuously transforming. This feels like the beginning of a wonderful life journey." - Sarah, Brussels

"Thank you for creating this beautiful safe space! I felt carried, challenged, cared for and loved." - S.T., Berlin

"This retreat provided so much needed healing and insight. I came to a whole new understanding of things I thought I had figured out. I also got deeply triggered and confronted with my projections. Yet the ending of the story was rewritten and as such all the pain was so worth moving trough. I allowed myself to move trough it inspired and carried by the feminine energy and power around me. Which inspired other women in an endless cycle of giving, receiving and nourishing support." - Claudia, Brussels

"I really enjoyed the connection I felt. The female energy being so healing, caring, compassionate and understanding. Beautiful to see what happens when women come together and especially what can be created when we open up. For me this was one big life celebration. A huge party with beautiful souls." - Lena, Geraardsbergen

“This weekend I fell in love with myself, people around me noticed a shift. "Lieve, what happened to you, you radiate happiness." Gratitude. Huge feelings of gratitude towards Alexa, all the beautiful assistants and oh-boy-my-magnificent-sisters. I felt held, supported, loved, guided and oh so safe. And in that space things could move. Everything was welcome and accepted.” - Lieve, Belgium

“This very profound and sacred experience helped me deeply connect to my body and essence. I have tools now to be freer with experiencing emotions and pleasure, and have discovered my HEART and GUT FEELING on a whole new level. After these three days I experience myself as a different person!” - Y.M. , UK

“Alexa and Dagmar beautifully held space in this Blossoming Woman Retreat, in which they created the warm context which I needed to acknowledge every emotion I felt (in my body) and especially in which I felt safe enough to dive deeply into these emotions… allowing, breathing and holding. Liberating!” - Fenna, Belgium

“The retreat aftermath left me feeling deeply nourished and reconnected with the fire in my soul! Soft yet deeply transformative practices. I now realize that blossoming begins when you start peeling off. Very thankful for this powerful and wise circle of women, and the safe space that was created!” - Leandra, Belgium

“I still feel the energy gushing through my body after the 3 day Retreat. Such a beautiful and safe space that was held by everyone who was there. I love the depth we went into together. Challenging the limits in myself wasn't always easy but to find pearls we need to dive deep, they can't be found on the surface. I love how I stepped out of my comfort zone in a gentle, yet strong safe way. I feel re-energized, at peace and in such a deep connection with myself and my surroundings. A friend who saw me the day after the retreat said to me 'You look taller than before, did you grow?' And I laughed because I knew; YES I grew.” - Sara, Belgium

“Life has so many colors, our emotions and conscience have so many layers, and we are everything and nothing. Being on a long journey to accept myself completely, be&have balance and be my best possible version of me… there always felt something missing… this retreat opened up the door to this long longed for part of the puzzle. Alexa is inspiring, calm and breaths everything this retreat has to offer. She provided a safe space to play and discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed.” - Anika, Belgium

“A profoundly healing experience. Alexa, Dagmar and the team did a fantastic job of unlocking and re-connecting us with our bodies and life itself. They were consistent, thoughtful, loving and unfazed by whatever came up in the group. I felt held for three days - in their safe hands. They were my trustworthy midwives as was birthing myself. I wish all the women around me could experience what I just experienced. It’s been so profound and so very good for me. I came back changed. Thank you with all my heart.” - Anna, Belgium