Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy

 • For couples •

Ready to take your relationship and intimate life to the next level?
Join me in the Sacred & Sexy Lovers Academy!

Learn a life time of tools
to have Blissful, JuicyLuscious, Sacred sex


the Flourishing relationship you are both longing for.



I’m Dagmar Cox and my passion is to guide you and your partner into the most profound blissful states.

Over the course of a 20 year marriage with three kids and two businesses, our sex life has gone from mediocre to highly fulfilling. On top of this the connection between me and my husband is better than ever, all because of the practices and work I share with you in the Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy. We have discovered that the more we invest into our intimacy, the more abundant and fulfilling our life becomes.

I assembled the most potent practices and coaching tools to keep the sexual passion and sexual interest alive within a long term relationship. Tantric sexuality creates such an amazing space where you keep having more to explore, play and experiment with.

I look forward to sharing my expertise with you!

My methodology can help you transform the following issues that so many couples face:

  • Are you and your partner struggling to connect?

  • Did the passion and attraction between you fade away?

  • Do you feel there should be more to sex then you are currently experiencing?

  • Does it feel like your intimate life has lost it’s spark and sense of novelty and adventure? Are you looking to expand your range of bedroom skills?

  • Do you long to experience more depth in your partnership?

  • Do you want to get out of fighting mode and into connection and mutual support?

If you answered yes to any of the above know that you are not alone. These struggles are so normal and almost every couple faces them at some point. The good news is that it is totally possible to have an amazing intimate life and deeply fulfilling partnership.

Are you ready to transform your sex life? Are you ready to experience a highly spiritual connection with your partner?

Then the Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy is for you. Together we can move you from disconnection and a mediocre sex life to radical flourishing in all areas of your life.

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I will guide you into the most exquisite practices and experiences with your beloved. Every couple is unique and therefore every couples journey to expand into greater intimacy is exclusive. The sessions will be perfectly tuned into your specific desires.


The Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy is a unique journey where your explore the eight pillars of tantric sexuality:

  • Connected Communication
  • Intimacy Exploration
  • Breathwork
  • Five Senses Awakening Processes
  • Sacred Sex Practices
  • Extended Orgasmic Experiences
  • Chakra Play
  • Sensual Massages

Using these tools you will dive into a wide range of neo tantric techniques, these include:

  • Unraveling your desires and learning how to communicate them with your partner.
  • Juicy sensual sexual adventures to heighten your sensitivity and ability to be fully present in your body and with your partner.
  • Sensual and intimate massages for healing and pleasure.
  • Full body orgasms that connect you to blissful states for hours, even days.
  • Sex and spirit lovemaking to experience divine states of being and connection.
  • Primal sacred sex to tap into the natural flow of your innate sexuality.
  • Chakra lovemaking to open you both up to whole new levels of connection, sensation and energy awareness.
  • Sex magic to draw into your life and relationship what you deeply desire

Learn all these tools in the Sexy and Sacred Lovers Academy at your own pace and in your own space.


  • ‘Tantric Bubble’ 5 weeks – 2 sessions a week
    “An intense and deep tantric retreat just for the two of you”
  • ‘Tantric Dive’ 10 weeks – 1 session a week
    “Experience all the goodness and magical gifts of tantric sexuality”
  • ‘Tantric Exploration’ 20 weeks – 1 session bi-weekly
    “A beautiful tantric commitment with lot’s of time to integrate, heal and play”


Book a free discovery call with me to explore if the Sacred & Sexy Lovers Academy  is the right fit for you.


Reignite your sexual passion

  • Unleash a fiery chemistry and spark an ongoing attraction between you and your partner.

  • Be in the present, build your sensitivity and discover your innate untamed wildness.

  • Give and receive unlimited pleasure. Last longer during sex, experience ecstasy and widen your range of orgasms. Doing these practices with your partner is just so Yummy.

Elevate your sexual experiences

  • Move energy through your body and get a taste of how that impacts and changes your whole experience. Tap into full body orgasmic states and valley orgasms.

  • Learn how sex can be an amazing spiritual practice you can experience together that opens you on the deepest levels.

  • See the divinity in your partner and tap into the daily bliss and enjoyment of being in a sacred partnership.

Deepen intimacy, communication and connection

  • Learn to cultivate open, honest and safe communication with your partner.

  • Feel connected emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Feel greater levels of harmony and peace in your relationship.

  • Align your nervous system with your partner so you both feel safe to open up, surrender and come into deep relaxation together.

Step into new levels of sexual thriving

  • Learn to support each other in integrating and healing your previous trauma in regards to relationships and sexuality.

  • Allow old hurts to gently heal and energize your system with new life force energy so you can return to a sense of sexual wholeness.

Do you feel a longing to experience all this? Join me in the Sacred and Sexy Lovers Academy!

Some of the results women share:

“I feel more sexually vibrant.”

“Sex feels so much more connected now. It feels like we can tap into the magic of our beings.”

“I experienced a tremendous shift in my ability to experience different kinds of orgasms and orgasmic sensations.”

“Slowing down and really tuning into sensations helped us so much to build sensitivity”

“Tantric sex helped me to tap into new levels of surrender. It makes me feel so safe, seen and empowered.”

“I love the energetic play between the two of us and that my partner is now also open to the energetic aspect of sex.”

Some of the results men share:

“I feel like I’m a better lover. I know way better how to support my partner’s pleasure and experience.”

“I feel like a powerful lover with all of these tools.”

“I can see my partner as a divine being rather than a sexual object.”

”I am grateful I learned how to hold space for my partners sexual healing. It helped us a lot as a couple to move into greater intimacy together and to not keep on being haunted by the past.”

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  • 10 couples tantric sexuality coaching sessions with Dagmar on video call. I guide and coach in Dutch or English.
  • Guided personal and high value tantric couples practices in between sessions for home play.
  • In between e-mail support.

Good to know:

Each session lasts 75 to 90 minutes and is guided by me personally.

Ideally you plan time to practice 2 or 3 times in between sessions to really experience the fullness of this program.

You can choose to have your camera on or off during a live guided practice.

I never guide you into intercourse. After a session however you can move into lovemaking if that feels aligned for both of you.

I only take on a limited number of clients so I can be there fully with and for you.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Book a free discovery call to see how tantric sexuality coaching can support you.

About me

The last decade I  have been studying and collaborating with the most amazing Tantra, Embodiment, and Coaching leaders and mentors.

As a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach I support women to reclaim their natural and innate sexuality.

I’m also specialized in supporting couples who want to learn tantric techniques in a private setting.