Shakti Delight België
3 daagse retreat voor vrouwen door Marya Norell

5/4/'19 t/m 7/4/'19 te Koningsteen, Kapelle-op-den-Bos


💖 Do you find that your sexual potential could be expressed or lived more fully? 
💖 Are you longing to feel more alive and in touch with your feminine power? 
💖 Does your body feel inhibited when it comes to pleasure and sensuality? 
💖 Are your intimate relationships challenging, non-existing or in need of upgrade?

• Learn tantric techniques and meditations for sexual wellbeing
• Explore your feminine passion potential
• Discover your sensuous flow
• Move beyond inhibiting sexual conditioning
• Learn how to create more fulfilling and nourishing relationships
• Enhance your love life

Shakti comes from Sanskrit and means divine life energy. Shakti Delight invites you to freely express your life force, your feminine power, your sensuality, your love and your light as well as learning to expand your sexual energy, opening to more pleasure and ecstasy.

Since many of us carry conditioning which can be inhibiting to our sexuality and life energy, emphasis is also about healing whatever is in the way for you to flower into your unique Shakti. We also look at the way women move in intimate relating and create awareness, so that you can live from a position of more wholeness in your intimate relationships.

Finally Shakti Delight invites you to celebrate your fullness as an embodied Goddess, here to shine your light and share your love as a gift to all.

MARYA NORELL (Sweden) is a Women’s Facilitator, a spiritual Midwife and a Shakti Trainer. For the last 18 years she has inspired and guided thousands of women on the path of awakening. She is passionately dedicated to serve women in opening to their inner truth, in reclaiming their divinity, in owning their power and living from their true potential. Marya has a deep, loving heart, a laser sharp focus and teaches from her extensive training and rich life experience, as well as from her strong intuitive guidance.

WHEN: 5-6-7 April 2019
WHERE: Koningsteen, a beautiful retreat center, central in Belgium (
485 euro
Special offer for early birds: 465 euro before 31/12/2018
(Non refundable deposit payment is 200 EUR)
Price includes:
– Accomodation in shared room (2/3/4 per room)
– Vegetarian food: lunch and dinner on Friday – 3 meals on Saturday – Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
- De retreat wordt door Marya in het Engels gegeven. De assistentes spreken Vlaams/Nederlands.

Meer info:

REGISTRATION & INFO: Dagmar Cox,, 0496471068
Feed-back from previous participants of Shakti Delight:
”I liked the Shakti Delight weekend very much and you had such a fine way of leading it. When I registered, I was in a situation where I wanted to learn more about my sexuality, more about feminine sexuality in general and how to care and express the sexual energy we have. I am very grateful for the experiences and the understanding that the weekend gave”
Charlotte Ottosson, Sweden

"First, I just want say thank you so much for the wonderful Shakti Delight weekend in the Netherlands. Your workshop did so much for me (and still does) and I have simply received a new outlook on life:) My boyfriend was of course also very pleased, and could not stop smiling over my new-found energy. The atmosphere, the spiritual input and especially the love that was present are the best memories from the weekend, and I will be more than happy to return, I am eternally grateful to you!"
Vida Valen, Norway

"The workshop Shakti delight was for me a real meeting with the deep feminine energy. I feel more sparkeling, power and love in my life. I AM A WOMAN."
Marja Kruik, Netherlands

“More than a week ago was the Shakti Delight.
I feel deep deep gratitude for these days with you and the amazing group of women.
So much joy, power, support, recognition, tenderness, opening, healing, aliveness ... Aaaaaahhhh!
Still feel it in my body and soul. I thank you so much for making this possible, to share in this way with my beloved sisters.
I love who you are and how you 'teach'. So pure and bringing in the experiences of your own life. You created such a safe and warm temple where everything could 'be’.
You listen and support with your big heart and go not too much in stories but into healing: I love that!”
Laura de Jong, Netherlands

First I want to tell you that I am very grateful to myself for joining the Shakti Delight Retreat. I gave myself a great present! Then I would like to share with you that I felt very safe in the group and I could let go what I no longer wanted to feel. It felt like a kind of rebirthing during and after the first session. 
It is also a good feeling that I can love and accept myself as a woman (and not just as a person or a human being) I am getting closer to myself and that feels so good! Also the session where we transformed the isolation into love was really great. It was a huge healing, especially for myself, my father (in heaven) and my husband.
Thank you again Marya, you are a warm woman with lots of love and empathy.
You did a great job! 
With love, Tineke Dalmaijer, Netherlands

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